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APU2/APU3 wifi performance benchmark 80 1
Last Reply 6 Hours Ago by Luc De Louw
New website with PC Engines apuX firmware releases 639 24
Last Reply 30 Hours Ago by BN82
Compex WLE900VX only recognized after cold start (power cycle) 15 0 No Replies
ESXi 6.5.0 crashes when trying to run the installer (APU2C4) 8823 17
Last Reply 3 Days Ago by mikeboss
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AMD Cryptographic Coprocessor (CCP) 59 1
Last Reply Apr 17th by sebastian_de
Recommended LTE modem for APU3 341 1
Last Reply Apr 16th by ZwaZo
Hdd disconnection? 299 4
Last Reply Apr 15th by kenocs
Mounting holes for APU2 board: Dimensions ? 520 4
Last Reply Apr 13th by Paolo Delmastro
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APU2c4 and serial connection garbage in console 565 5
Last Reply Apr 12th by hairyhenderson
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APU2C4: How to install OpenWRT 3538 10
Last Reply Apr 9th by sebastian_de
Shutdown/power off - pin out voltages 51 0 No Replies
Simpler way to install Debian 8.5.0 on APU 2138 5
Last Reply Apr 8th by binaryanomaly
Expand root partition for OpenWRT 272 4
Last Reply Apr 8th by sebastian_de

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